We Have Planted 590 Trees!

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Because of all of our faithful guests, Head Hunters Salon has planted 1029 Trees with Eminence Organics!!!
For every product sold Eminence plants a tree through their Forests for the Future initiative. This has been a very successful initiative for Eminence and we are very proud to be celebrating another significant milestone. Thanks to your continued support, Éminence has planted 5 million trees!
They are the first and only skin care brand ever to plant 5 million trees and to celebrate this amazing achievement and bring awareness to why planting trees is such an important cause.

Planting 5 million trees has a direct impact on the earth and the lives of people who need it most:

-Helps to prevent deadly mudslides, floods and soil erosion
-Replenishes the fertility of soil essential to growing life sustaining crops
-Provides habitat for a wider range of biodiversity creating natural sustainability for all life forms
-Provides families with income, empowerment, unity, leadership, education and even saves lives

By choosing to use Éminence Organic Skin Care products, you are also choosing to make a difference by contributing to the fight against global climate change.

Through their ongoing partnership with award-winning global tree planting organization Trees for the Future, they are planting trees in 19 developing countries throughout the world including Burundi, Uganda, Ghana and Tanzania. In Africa, agroforestry provides families with the education and tools to create their own tree nurseries. The profits allow them to support their basic needs, while also benefitting the environment and fighting deforestation. Every time you purchase one of our retail products Eminence plants a tree in developing countries.